Watch: Fauci Again Defends Chinese Lockdowns

Watch: Fauci Again Defends Chinese Lockdowns

Authored by Steve Watson via Summit News,

Anthony Fauci once again defended brutal Chinese lockdowns, admitting that the Communist government is forcefully locking people inside buildings but adding that if it means people get vaccinated then he is “okay” with it.


“China’s official news agency today published an op-ed asserting that the country’s strict COVID measure are scientific and effective. Are they?” host CNN host Jake Tapper asked.

“Well when you want to shut down in order to interrupt immediately a process that’s going on like the spread of infection, there should be a purpose to it like you want to make sure you get enough ventilators or enough PPE or you want to get your population vaccinated,” Fauci responded.

“The comment that I made about their severe actions that they’ve taken is that you have to have an endgame,” Fauci continued, adding “What’s the purpose? If the purpose is let’s get all the people vaccinated, particularly the elderly, then OK. For a temporary period of time to do that, but they have very, very strict type of a lockdown.”

Tapper further stated “obviously I’m not here to defend the Chinese government, but they say they’re doing it just to stop the spread, right?”

Fauci made the comments despite the fact that China has exploded into chaos with protests over the government locking people inside a building in the northwestern Xinjiang region that caught fire, killing up to forty people.

Fauci has continuously expressed support for lockdowns, particularly in China.

During the same interview, Fauci claimed that he’s “almost certain” his NIH didn’t fund the gain of function research in Wuhan that led to the lab leak of the particular virus that caused the pandemic:

That is quite some spin.

As we highlighted yesterday, Fauci blamed President Trump Sunday for China’s continued obfuscation of the origins of COVID, and refused to call China’s actions a “cover up”.

Meanwhile, the Biden administration has refused to denounce China’s crackdown on protesters, or the Communist state’s Zero COVID lockdown policy:

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Tyler Durden
Tue, 11/29/2022 – 15:00

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